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Cicely White-Lee earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University of Arizona. She specializes in verbal & non-verbal communication while utilizing a personal approach to coaching.

For the past 17 years, Cicely has provided her services to individual and corporate clients to help strengthen relationships, improve communication and provide guidance in corporate relations. Cicely prefers to simply sit and have a conversation, which creates the best environment for each client. This environment allows Cicely to hear the clients heart, understand their communication style, and create the best solution for their needs.

"The definition of Communication is successfully sharing ideas, facts and feelings.”


What is Communication Coach?

Communication Coach is a transformative, therapeutic experience that takes the necessary time to explore how you are currently communicating, how you can communicate more effectively and retain a productive communication style that will enhance your life experience.

“Refresh your mind with positive conversation to gain positive outcomes.”


As a man, it is very difficult to allow ourselves to be vulnerable in admitting the struggles that come from things like grieving and mourning, not to mention the struggle in being willing to seek help or allow ourselves to be helped. As a result, I struggled with managing the grief and mourning of the loss of a loved one. Since the relationship I had with my loved one was deep and complicated, I often found myself feeling misunderstood, alone, bitter, and angry, especially when I found myself not being able to effectively convey my grief and mourning needs to others to allow them to help support fostering an environment conducive to my healing needs. 

However, through Cicely’s coaching sessions, I was able to find the emotional healing I needed that gave me the tools to effectively manage my grieving and mourning. Through my coaching sessions, I was able to work through and process my emotions in a healthy and constructive way. Cicely provided a safe and supportive space for me to explore my feelings and work through the challenges that I was facing. I learned new tools and techniques for managing my emotions and for finding peace and happiness within myself.

One of the things I appreciated most about my coaching experience with Cicely was the personalized attention and support that I received. She tailored the sessions to my specific needs and goals, which made the experience extremely valuable and impactful.

Cicely has the gift of communication. She listened actively and attentively to my concerns and needs while creating engaging, respectful, and productive discussions. She was able to clearly articulate her thoughts and opinions while persuading and influencing me to see other perspectives without her being aggressive or overbearing.

One of Cicely’s greatest communication gifts is her strong emotional intelligence, which allows her to understand and effectively navigate the emotions of herself and others. She was able to communicate to me in a way that was sympathetic, empathetic and compassionate, which built a strong relationship of trust to be willing to try the tailored program she prepared for me that, although at the time seemed unorthodox, but proved to be exactly what I needed for my healing. 

I would highly recommend Cicely for communication coaching to anyone looking to emotionally heal. The results have been truly transformative for me and has had a positive impact on my life. I am so grateful for the valuable guidance and support that I received from Cicely and I am confident that others will experience similar benefits from her services.


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